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Where To Buy Prepaid Visa Cards In The UK

By Hillary Smith • Mar 6th, 2008 • Customer Rating
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There is a lot of confusion about where to buy prepaid visa cards in the UK at the moment. This stems from the fact that currently, Visa do not have any card issuers in the UK. All prepaid cards in the UK are issued by mastercard. You can find a list of the top prepaid mastercards here as voted by the public and current customers.

Buy Prepaid Visa CardsOne thing to be aware of is that in the UK only some prepaid cards can be used by those under 18. The Virgin prepaid card is one of the best for young people while the tuxedo prepaid mastercard is better for those making a lot (more than 5) purchases online in a month. So if you are a shopaholic, the Tuxedo card is probably a better option.

Most prepaid cards can (and should) be bought online rather than in the post office or in a store as they can be processed much quicker (remember, your name needs to get printed on the cards) and most people can get their cards and be spending in 4 days if they get it online. It’s also cheaper to buy your card online ;) In the UK, you are better off sticking with a prepaid mastercard as they are accepted everywhere Visa is and the fees are much lower.

In fact, there is only one prepaid Visa card available in the UK and that is the 3V voucher and it is complete rubbish. It is probably the biggest ripoff of a prepaid card in the history of prepaid cards and that’s why it makes our “worst buys” list.

If you have any complaints about any “prepaid credit cards” (they are actually prepaid mastercards, not prepaid debit or credit cards) please help your peers out by leaving a review, even if it is a complaint.

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Hillary Smith is a director of consumer affairs at the credit watchdog and editor for EndorsedCards. Hillary has dealt with literally hundreds of credit related court cases spends her time either writing for the consumer watchdog.
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  1. Thanks for the tips Hillary. I went and used my brothers credit card to get myself a virgin card. Super excited. How come these are not being advertises to teens? I’ve been wanting my own card for years. Bout frickin time!

  2. Hi Hillary, just to let you know that the card arrived this morning. Activated and all now and all set. Going to buy myself something nice to celebrate. Thank a million for the tips and advice. I’ll leave a review of the card on the virgin page once I use it a bit. (I’m booking tickets to Glastonbury shortly) :)

  3. You are very welcome Amanda. Glad you took the advice and went the prepaid pay as you go card route. Credit cards are just too dangerous for not just someone your age, but for most people who have more money than sense.

    Please do stop back and let us know how it goes.

  4. P.S. The Prepaid Post Office Cards official name is the TRAVEL MONEY CARD

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